The Growing Trend of Decorating the House with Succulent Plants

People are always looking for ways to decorate their houses and make them more beautiful and welcoming. There is a huge increase in the trend of using cactuses and succulent plants as house plants, particularly succulents.

Many people might wonder if the plants might be ‘juicy or tasty’ from the word ‘succulent.’ However, from a botanical aspect, a succulent plant is one that has thick and fleshly parts that retain water in its leaves or stems or roots.

Why Succulent Plants getting Popular?

Homeowners may wonder what’s it like to place or grow succulent plants, but many experts say they are the easiest to take care of among other plants. One thing to know is that cactus is considered succulent, but all succulents are not considered cactus.

The best thing about setting up succulent plants in your house is not having to water the plants every few days. You may be surprised, but succulent plants are drought resistant and must be watered once every two months.

If you have a busy routine but also want to take your garden to a new level, then variegated succulents are surely the best option. These plants have a variety of colors and markings, making them distinctive, hence the name ‘variegated.’

In simple words, variegation is a term that shows the lack of green chlorophyll in some plant cells. The changes in color can be seen in leaves, flowers, and stems and in the form of stripes, shadings, and spots. One of the most prominent examples is the Variegated String of Buttons which displays stunning colors and shades on leaves that become more distinctive with age.

However, it would be best if you took proper care. Otherwise, light and water level changes can make the plant go completely green. A variegated plant already has low chlorophyll, requiring a good amount of sunlight. But, exposing it to too intense sunlight can cause sunburn. You need to place the pot where it can receive direct sunlight and remain in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

When it comes to watering the plant, then you need to water the succulent plant once every week in summer and once every 3-4 weeks in winter. Apart from sunlight and water, another important aspect is preventing the plant from rotting. You must get a pot with good drainage holes and succulent soil with elements such as perlite or coarse sand.

The Types of Succulent Plants to Get for Your Home

The two most popular succulent plants are ‘Crassula’ and ‘Cotyledon.’

Crassula is a succulent plant genus and entails more than 300 species, and they all come in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors. On the other hand, Cotyledon is also a genus that consists of shrubby stem and leaf, which is traditionally found in Arabian countries, and South Africa. The cotyledon plants have unique salmon pink and orange flowers, and the petals are also curled.

There are over 350 varieties, but one of the best crassula variegated succulent is ‘Crassula Ovata,’ also popularly known as ‘Jade Plant.’ It is also called ‘Lemon and Lime’ and ‘Tricolor’ due to its amazing green leaves and yellow markings. The crassula ovata requires porous soil, and you can also place them indoors where they can get direct sunlight for 6 hours. It is a beautiful container plant that can easily grow from stem and leaf cuttings.

If you are a true plant enthusiast and want to flaunt the amazing flowers to your family and friends, then you need to get the rarest of succulent plants. One such is the Cotyledon Orbiculata CV Variegated which, apart from its name, is the most rarely found succulent plant. It is also not easily imported and can cost a fortune.

However, there are few online nurseries that offer the rarest succulent plants that you can easily buy. The Cotyledon Orbiculata, also called ‘Pig’s Ear,’ is one plant that every plant enthusiast would love to have in the house. These succulent plants not only look aesthetically pleasing but also reduce stress and anxiety.

Bottom Line

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